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Ango’s Class Notes for Keats’ “Ode to a Knightingale”

April 3, 2006 by Mr. N · 1 Comment · class notes, Romantic

Another day of Eng. Lit Class :)
Mr. N went to see Beowulf and Grendel (not recommended to see)
25 at death
Byron, Shelley: born into upper class, more leisure time
born into working class
1818: 23 yrs. publishes first poem; crap-crapped by critics, poem not very good
brother died of tuberculosis, met light of life: Fanny Brown
24: writes a ton of stuff b/c of emotions; big into natural beauty, connecting with nature
Ode: lyric poem characterized by height and emotion, paying respect to a person or a thing (similar to apostrophe)
Ode to a Nightingale
-hanging out with buddy, nightingale comes along, inspired by bird
-trying to sound spontaneous; depressed
-escape from troubles;
-looking for rest? only way to find it is by dying
-bird doesn’t have concern of dying
-is the bird immortal?
Robyn says yes! This bird will die, but there will be other birds.
-The word forlorn brings Keats back to reality! (weirdo!)
This poem was odd!

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  • madeline

    ” immortal bird” refers the song of the nightingale, not the bird itself. :wink: